Geocaching 'My Finds' Heat-map Generator

April 2014, wrenched Fish's arm out of the way of Northern Ireland

Lots of bug fixes today, 27/01/2013, if you've been having trouble with this in the past please give it another try.

Updated for 2013 - large 'My Finds' (8000+) should now work. Let me know if you have any trouble.

Now with added Michael Fish!

This web app will generate a heat map of your geocache finds (see image on the right)- you'll need to be a member with a 'My Finds' file to use it.

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Registration has been added to help manage the generated images. The image filename will now contain your unique username. This means, if you put the image on your geocaching profile, you won't have to update it every time you generate a new heatmap as the filename remains the same. Emails are used for sending password reminders only. Any problems, get in touch here or via

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